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Once a grant has been awarded, Principal Investigators must make an appointment with ORSP to have a post-award conference. This conference reviews the terms of the grant, the approved budget, the implementation of the institutional commitment, and other aspects of grants management critical to the successful stewardship of external funds. Below are the expectations for the conference:

Before the meeting:

  1. Send Grant Cover Sheet & Budget Sheet to Project Director/ Principal Investigator (PD/PI)
  2. Receive filled out Grant Cover Sheet & Budget Sheet electronically from PD/PI

At the meeting:

  1. Review the award notification/letter/email/(sub)contract agreement
  2. Review terms and conditions, key allowable/unallowable costs
  3. Review report schedule
  4. Review time and effort of key personnel, provide reminder to inform Chair & Dean about any course releases and/or summer months.
  5. Remind PD/PI to ensure course release(s) and/or summer month(s) paperwork is initiated at department level
  6. Review the submitted proposal as needed for:
    1. Project objectives
    2. Timeline
    3. Human subjects (IRB) requirements, as appropriate
  7. Post-award Packet - PD/PI signature(s) for these items:
    1. Budget Transfer Request
    2. Application for Fund Number
    3. Signatory Cards: Payroll-white, Accounts payable-green, Purchasing-green
    4. Financial Information Request Form – Banner access Provide PD/PI responsibilities sheet

After the meeting: Copy & scan Post-award Packet before submitting to the Budget Office, email PD/PI & other Fiscal Agents a scanned copy.

For more information, please contact ORSP staff at

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