Latina/o and Latin American Studies Program
Latina/o and Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the histories, cultures, societies, languages and politics of Latin America and Latina/os. It explores the relationship of Latin America and Latina/os to each other, to the United States and to the world.
Northeastern Illinois University is a four-year public university in the Midwest federally designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution, and as such our Latina/o and Latin American Studies Program (LLAS) builds on the University’s commitment to diversity and community partnerships. We strive to combine classroom learning and active involvement in the community. LLAS classes are taught by faculty from an array of disciplines in education, the social sciences and humanities, who are committed to active learning through discussion, research and community engagement.
LLAS offers a 36-credit-hour major. After foundational preparation in both Latina/o and Latin American studies, students will choose to complete their major with a concentration in either Latina/o studies or Latin American studies. LLAS also offers an 18-credit-hour minor.


We live in an emerging global society where Latina/o and Latin American voices are becoming more and more significant. Latina/os constitute the largest U.S. ethnic minority and Latin America is among the most important U.S. trading partners. This means that graduates with a degree in Latina/o and Latin American Studies have unique opportunities for careers in national and international settings, in the private and public sector and in research organizations and the U.S government. For more information, visit Northeastern’s Career Development Center.

General Education Requirement

Our LLAS-101 Introduction to Latina/o and Latin American Studies course fulfills a Social/Behavioral requirement for the NEIU General Education Program.


The Latina/o and Latin American Studies program sponsors events that promote its mission and enrich the University community. We often co-sponsor events with other University programs that share our values and mission.