The Global Collaborations: Cross Cultural Research course provides an opportunity for Northeastern students to experience an in-depth, intensive cross-cultural research, creative and scholarly exchange with African students.

The course is held during Summer IA on even-numbered years.

Field Experience in Ghana

Our students will travel to Ghana, West Africa and engage in collaborative research and/or creative projects with Ghanaian students at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) over the course of a one month period. Guided by faculty from both Northeastern and KNUST, the cross-cultural, collaborative student pairs will identify a relevant theme or issue to pursue, design a project to explore, implement appropriate research and creative activities, collect necessary information and material, and finally create and deliver a finished presentation of their results.

Student Interaction

Each Northeastern student is paired with a KNUST student – the pairings might not be discipline matched. Students will work to identify projects that will be of interest to both members of the pair. The student-led, project-oriented, interdisciplinary nature of the course will allow for significant personal and scholarly exploration and exchange between American and Ghanaian students as well as providing a forum for intensive work on all the stages of a research/creative project, from design to results. This innovative course format allows for students participating in a relatively short exchange program to get “far below the surface” in their experiences of Ghanaian culture while also producing significant scholarly and/or creative projects.