Opportunity for Public Comment

In accordance with Public Act 91-0715, an opportunity for the public to offer comment to the Board will be placed on the Agenda for each meeting. Comment will be limited to two (2) minutes. Persons wishing to address the Board further should do so in accordance with the procedure as listed below. The ruling of the Board Chair will prevail. 

As adopted September 21, 2000.

Procedure for Requests to Address the Board

From:  Board Regulations, Section I. F. 3. Presentations

3.  Presentations

    a.    Persons desiring to address the Board shall submit a written request to the President at least five working days prior to the Board meeting.

The request shall include:

            1)         the name, address and phone number of the person wishing to speak

            2)         the name of the group represented

            3)         a summary of the presentation

     b.     The President and the Chair shall consult with respect to each request to address the Board. Prior to the meeting, the President shall indicate to each person properly submitting a request to address the Board, whether the request will be granted or denied. If the request is granted, the form and duration of the presentation shall be subject to rulings from the Chair.

Please send your public comment requests to the assistant secretary to the Board of Trustees at: bot@neiu.edu.