The State of Illinois established the Board of Trustees for Northeastern Illinois University in January of 1996. The board has the authority and responsibility to operate, manage, control and maintain Northeastern Illinois University.

Trustee appointments may be found at the Office of Executive Appointments page.

BOT Member Jim Palos

Jim Palos, Chair

Chicago, Illinois
BOT Member Sherry Eagle

Sherry Eagle, Vice Chair

Chicago, Illinois
BOT Member Jonathan Stein

Jonathan Stein, Secretary

Wilmette, Illinois
BOT Member Carlos Azcoitia

Carlos Azcoitia

Morton Grove, Illinois
BOT Member Marvin Garcia

Marvin Garcia

Chicago, Illinois
BOT Member Ann Kalayil

Ann Kalayil

Lincolnwood, Illinois
BOT Member Charles Serrano

Charles Serrano

Chicago, Illinois
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Javonti Mordican, Student Trustee

In accordance with Northeastern Illinois University Law (ILCS 680/25-190) Executive Accountability, the Board must complete an annual performance review of the president and any chancellors of the University. Such annual performance review must be considered when the Board contemplates a bonus, incentive-based compensation, raise, or severance agreement for the president or all chancellors of the University. (Source: P.A. 99-694, eff. 1/1/17.)

The President’s annual review is posted on the Board Meeting Materials page with the materials from the meeting at which the evaluation was completed.