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The Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT) at NEIU is an interdisciplinary team developed to respond to concerns about disturbing or distressing behavior on campus. The overall goal of the BCT is to enhance campus safety and promote student success by providing a centralized listening and response function regarding problematic behavior. We encourage all members of the University community to respond to concerns as they emerge, using a proactive and prevention-minded approach to keep situations from escalating.

You can use this website to:

  • Learn more about the Behavioral Concerns Team and its membership
  • Learn more about how the BCT works
  • Respond to students in distress
  • Respond when the concern involves an employee or other individual
  • Report troubling behavior to the BCT

If this is an emergency, contact University Police at (773) 442-5511. Otherwise, you may submit a concern by completing the Behavioral Concerns Report Form. If you have any questions, please email us at or contact us by phone:

  • F. Matt Specht, Dean of Students: (773) 442-4184
  • Paul Kruszynski, University Police: (773) 442-4105
  • John Schulz, University Police: (773) 442-4003
  • Veronica Rodriguez, Student Leadership Development: (773) 442-4667
  • Nancy Easton, Student Counseling and Career Services: (773) 442-4650
  • Shayne Cofer, Acting Associate Provost: (773) 442-5919