Teacher-to-Child Ratio

The teacher-to-child ratio meets widely recognized national standards of quality as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Department of Early Learning.




Staff-to-Child Ratio

Maximum Number of

Children per Room


(Teddy Bear Room)

15 months to 2 years




(Dolphin Room)

2 to 3 years




(Butterfly Room)

3 to 4 years




(Busy Bee Room)

3 to 5 years




Teddy Bear Room (ages 15 months-2 years)


  • Kathy Rodriguez, Child Development Supervisor
  • Rosa Arevalo, Child Development Associate
  • Celine Villarreal, Child Care Assistant

The curriculum in the Teddy Bear Room is based on The Creative Curriculum. It consists of art activities, group story time, play activities, and small group time that promotes the physical, cognitive, and social development of our toddlers and fosters a life-long love of learning. As children progress through the year, potty training becomes an integral part of the learning process.

Dolphin Room (ages 2-3 years)


  • Ada Miranda, Child Development Supervisor
  • Boriana Tzanova, Child Development Associate

Children learn best through play, so we have adapted Piaget's theory. Children in the Dolphin Room explore their classroom and outside environment as they like. There are objectives that we complete monthly, such as learning colors and shapes. Part of our daily circle/group time routine is learning about the calendar and weather and reading books related to activities and art projects and name recognition.

Butterfly Room (ages 3-4 years)


  • Rebecca Shin, Child Development Supervisor
  • Tanisha Philips, Child Care Assistant

Children in the Butterfly Room explore the concepts of emotional development, social development, physical development (gross and fine motor skills), cognitive development (concept, oral and written language, and reading readiness), science, math, art, music and movement. Children are encouraged to learn these concepts at their own pace. We provide hands-on materials, songs, and games for children to challenge themselves to achieve and master age-appropriate skills. Children are assessed through observation and work samples.

Busy Bee Room (ages 3-5 years)


  • Heather Markham, Child Development Supervisor
  • Lucia Ocampo, Child Development Associate

Preschool/Pre-kindergarten children learn and participate in various indoor and outdoor educational activities in the curricular areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social/emotional health, physical education, technology, music, and creative arts. They will participate in projects and activities by reading books, retelling stories, singing songs, playing drama, counting, writing, reading, drawing, painting, dancing, etc. Children explore and investigate materials by touching, smelling, seeing, and hearing. Children learn how to cooperate in a classroom community by sharing and respecting others.