The Black Student Success Committee is dedicated to instituting programs to help students achieve their goals in and out of the classroom. As we navigate through the pandemic, some of our initiatives will move to a virtual setting for the time being. More information will be shared as it becomes available. Anyone with questions about our initiatives is encouraged to connect with us at

Campus Climate Study

During the 2019-2020 school year, Northeastern Illinois University conducted a campus climate and culture assessment to evaluate its living, learning and working environment. The Black Student Success Committee is proud to have spearheaded NEIU's Campus Climate Study, the results of which are scheduled to be shared during the Fall 2020 term.

Laptop Loaner Program

In the age of digital learning, computers and reliable internet accessibility are a  necessity. We want to help students by providing access to the appropriate tools. If you need access to a reliable computer or internet hotspots, please visit our Campus Labs page, sign in with your NEIU credentials and complete a request form. 

Black Professional Membership Fees Initiative

The goal of the Black Professional Membership Initiative is to help Black-identified Northeastern students receive funding to cover a year-long membership fee to a professional organization that supports Black-identified people. 

Student Professional Conference Attendance Initiative 

Professional development opportunities are a pillar of the Black Student Success Committee. Every year, the committee aims to send a group of students to a national conference to help them get first hand experience in networking, developmental workshops and student leadership. Our hope is that, in nurturing our student leaders, they will gain valuable life skills to continue to build our campus community and student engagement.

Black Student Network Luncheon

The Black Student Network Luncheon is an opportunity for Black students to learn about the various resources that exist on campus to help support them on their journey. It is our hope that by mingling with faculty and staff of color the students will find representation and mentorship necessary for success. This event will take place remotely this year. More information will be shared soon.

African Diaspora Study Abroad Trip

Studying abroad can be a life changing experience. Education and cultural immersion are essential parts of transformative learning. We want you to be able to expand your knowledge and cultural competency while at Northeastern and beyond. 

My Black NEIU…

Higher education is largely about creating spaces and.or finding your tribe. My Black NEIU… gives prospective students from neighboring high schools the opportunity to learn more about the Black students and Black organizations on NEIU’s campus. These high school students get the opportunity to interact with current Black students from various majors, learn about what the Northeastern experience is like and give the next generation the opportunity to see themselves as young, college-bound scholars.