Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Northeastern Illinois University has been approved by Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to be a partner in its Chicago Leadership Collaborative (CLC).

Under the agreement, Northeastern will be one of 10 institutions that will assist in the recruitment and training of future CPS principals and assistant principals.

“The College of Education is proud of our Educational Leadership faculty and of our outstanding program,” College of Education Dean Maureen Gillette said. “We are thrilled to be able to partner with CPS in the CLC as we have a long history of preparing excellent school leaders for CPS. Dr. Howard Bultinck and the Educational Leadership faculty did a wonderful job in preparing materials for the rigorous acceptance process, and I was happy to be included in the interview phase so that I could showcase our strengths. The CLC represents another venue for the sharing of expertise between Northeastern, CPS and the other members of the collaborative.”

The CLC is a unique partnership between CPS and leading principal development programs. It provides the school district with unprecedented capacity to develop, attract and retain high-performing principals from internal and external sources, making Chicago a “destination of choice” for aspiring urban school leaders.

The CLC is one of the recommended routes to principalship in the district, and prepares participants to lead a school after a rigorous one-year internship as a leader in a school serving CPS students.