Tuesday, October 6, 2015

George Vukotich from 1871 and Keith Wakeman from SuperBetter will deliver the keynote addresses during Northeastern Illinois University’s sixth annual NETT Day on Oct. 15.

Vukotich, who graduated from Northeastern in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Management, is vice president of programming at 1871, an entrepreneurial hub for digital start-up companies. He will deliver the morning keynote address at 10:50 in Alumni Hall. Vukotich also serves on the College of Business and Management’s Executive Advisory Council.

Wakeman, CEO of SuperBetter, a Chicago-based digital health company, will deliver the evening keynote address at 5:30 in the Recital Hall.

“NETT Day is packed with not only great keynote speakers that will inspire our students, but also with practical workshops that can get students started in a new skill such as using LinkedIn, studying by making it a game, working with the Adler Planetarium from home, and making money with data science, ” NETT Day coordinator and Assistant Professor of Computer Science Francisco Iacobelli said.

NETT Day, which is free and open to the public, celebrates technology, the ways in which we interact with it, and how we use it to improve society. Since 2010, Northeastern has hosted NETT Day, which also offers workshops and panel discussions about human interaction and technology.