Cover of Negocios Now's 2016 Who's Who in Hispanic Chicago issue

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More than a dozen people with connections to Northeastern Illinois University have been named to Negocios Now’s 2016 Who's Who in Hispanic Chicago list.

Among current employees, Vice President for Student Affairs Daniel López, Professor of Educational Leadership and Development Ana Gil-García, Executive Director of Government Relations Suleyma Pérez (B.A. Social Work; M.A. Educational Leadership) and Ensemble Español Executive Director Jorge Pérez (B.A. Communication, Media and Theatre) all were honored by the Spanish-language business publication.

Negocios Now also honored Board of Trustees member Omar Duque and Juan Moreno, the architect of El Centro.

The publication also honored the following alumni:

  • U.S. Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (B.A. English)
  • Illinois Sen. Iris Martínez (B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Illinois Sen. William Delgado (B.A. Criminal Justice)
  • State Rep. Elizabeth Hernández (B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Chicago Ald. George Cárdenas (B.S. Accounting; M.A. Political Science)
  • Chicago Ald. Milagros “Milly” Santiago (B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Chicago Commissioner Mona Noreiga (B.A. Social Work and Criminal Justice)
  • Cardenas Marketing Network President and CEO Henry Cardenas (B.A. Social Work)
  • UIC College of Medicine Associate Dean and Director Jorge Girotti (M.A. Guidance and Counseling)

Northeastern Illinois University is a Hispanic-Serving Institution that is rated by U.S. News & World Report among the most ethnically diverse in the nation.