Thursday, April 23, 2015

Northeastern Illinois University’s 2015–2016 Committee on Organized Research Grants has approved 10 grant proposals to faculty members.

“The research funded by these awards assists faculty members in remaining leaders in their respective fields and reinforces Northeastern Illinois University’s commitment to providing its students with the highest level of instruction,” Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Vicki Román-Lagunas said. “I would like to congratulate our awardees and wish them productive research endeavors.”

Here are the approved proposals:

Paleoecology in the Magdalena River Valley, Columbia

Siobhan Cooke, Anthropology

Small Homes and the Property Tax: Evidence from the U.S. Municipalities and School Districts

Ryan Gallagher, Economics

Using Molecular Tools to Accurately Identify Hybridizing Species

Pamela Geddes, Biology

Nuclear Policy: Artifacts of the Cold War

Nathan Mathews, Art

Ancient Rock Art of the Nasca Valley

Ana Nieves, Art

A Pilot Study of Genetic Variability in Golden Root (Rhodiola rosea) in North America: Is Golden Root One Species?

Joel Olfelt, Biology

Population Genetic Structure of a Complex Cycle Parasite Across Spatial Scales

Sarah Orlofske, Biology

The Genetics of Circadian Rhythms in a Novel Insect (Praying Mantis) Model System

Aaron Schirmer, Biology

Characterization of a C. Elegans Model of Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Cindy Voisine, Biology

The Social and Economic Value of Casino Gambling in Poland

Christina Ciecierski and Michael Wenz, Economics