Fingers on a piano

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Northeastern Illinois University’s Music program has earned reaccreditation by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) through 2024.

Accreditation symbolizes “a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the work of individual institutions and the work of the entire community of institutions that prepare musicians at the collegiate level,” according to the NASM website. “It signifies a willingness to connect with others, both in order to give and to receive. It signifies that individuals with high levels of musical capability, expertise, and experience must take leadership responsibility in accreditation and related areas lest a vacuum be created for non-musicians to fill.”

The accreditation applies to Northeastern’s Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Bachelor of Music in Performance and Master of Arts in Applied Music Pedagogy.

“The renewal of our National Association of Schools of Music accreditation is a tribute to the hard work of our faculty and staff, and especially our former and current students,” said Travis Heath, acting chair of the Department of Music and Dance. “We are proud of this status and look forward to serving our students with world-class music instruction for years to come.”

The NASM Commission on Accreditation applauded Northeastern for its continued support of the arts during the state’s financial crisis.

“The Commission commends the institution ... for the institutional support provided to the music unit particularly given the current challenging financial circumstances,” the Commission said it its reaccreditation letter.

Founded in 1924, the National Association of Schools of Music has been designated by the United States Department of Education as the agency responsible for the accreditation of free-standing institutions that offer music and music-related programs.

Many of Northeastern's faculty members have trained at some of the finest music schools and conservatories in the world, and the University features two of the finest performance spaces in Chicago on its Main Campus. The 425-seat Auditorium is an ample, yet intimate, room with excellent sight lines, and the Recital Hall seats 170 in an acoustically pleasing setting.

Northeastern Illinois University has regional accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission. In addition, Northeastern is accredited through seven disciplinary bodies.