The western exterior of Lecha Walesa Hall in winter

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Four Northeastern Illinois University faculty members—Associate Professor of Sociology Olivia Perlow, Associate Professor of Counselor Education Sharon Bethea, Professor Emerita of Sociology, Women’s and Gender Studies, and African and African American Studies BarBara Scott and Associate Professor of Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies Durene Wheeler—have co-edited a new book.

Published by Palgrave McMillan, “Black Women’s Liberatory Pedagogies: Resistance, Transformation, and Healing Within and Beyond the Academy,” is an interdisciplinary anthology that sheds light on the frameworks and lived experiences of black women educators.

“We are really excited about the book because it sheds light on the important liberation work that black women engage in that is all too often unacknowledged, moving far beyond victimization to capture black women's agency in addressing oppressive conditions within higher education as well as within our communities and society at large,” Perlow said.

Contributors for this anthology submitted works from an array of academic disciplines and learning environments, inviting readers to bear witness to black women faculty’s classroom experiences, as well as their pedagogical approaches both inside and outside of the higher education classroom that have fostered transformative teaching-learning environments. Through this multidimensional lens, the editors and contributors view instruction and learning as a political endeavor aimed at changing the way we think about teaching, learning and praxis.