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SJAI  Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of the Social Justice Ally Initiative?

  • INTRO | Opening the Conversation: Developing a Social Justice Orientation
  • TRAINING | The (Dis)Ability Project
  • TRAINING | Safe Zone
  • TRAINING | Undocumented Student Project
  • TRAINING | Exploring Bias
  • CLOSING | Social Justice Praxis

What is the total time commitment?

18.5 hours spread across the fall and spring semesters of the 2017/18 academic year.

Is it mandatory that I attend all of these events?


Does it matter which order I participate in these events?

Yes and no. The Social Justice Ally Intro and Closing are only offered once (at the start and end of the academic year respectively). Cohort members are required to attend these two events at the time they are offered. All the other trainings will be offered 2-3 times per semester, and you are free to choose when to attend the trainings and in what order.

How do I RSVP for these events?

You can find all of the events on the SJAI website.

What if I RSVP’d, but cannot attend?

Please know there are only a limited amount of times these trainings will be offered. If you are unable to attend, please contact the lead facilitator of that particular workshop.

Is there a calendar of events?

Yes. Please check the website for details.

When am I expected to complete all of these trainings?

The trainings will run from September of 2017 to April of 2018.

What if I cannot finish all my trainings in an academic year?

We will take the credits you’ve completed and roll them over to 2018-2019 cohort.

Can I participate even if I’ve already taken some of the workshops?

If you have participated in any of the following trainings: The (Dis) Ability Project, Safe Zone, Undocumented Student Project (or completed all three) within the last two years, the credits from those trainings will be deducted from the 18.5 hours for the SJAI.

Why is it so time consuming?

The intended outcome for the Social Justice Ally Initiative (SJAI) is to provide cohort participants with a holistic and foundational educational experience in order to attain a 360-degree understanding of social justice concepts through various lenses. To attain this outcome it is necessary to frame the curriculum in this way. The organizing committee was mindful of ensuring that the workshops are worth the time of all attendees. The information learned will, at the foremost, be of benefit to the students you support, as well as be of benefit to you in your personal life. We hope this experience is transformational. This initiative was created for those who are committed to learning in an environment that is supportive, inclusive, non-judgmental and fun. We welcome “non-experts” and “experts” alike!  

If I have any questions, who should I ask?

Who are the members of the Social Justice Ally (SJAI) Committee?