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Housed at Northeastern Illinois University, the Multilingual Learning Center (MLC) is a community-focused organization that provides high-quality world language learning programming to underserved Chicago children through the Success and Access to Multilingualism Initiative (SAMI). The initiative focuses on children in the age range of kindergarten through eighth grade.

The goal of SAMI is to narrow the gap between children who have access to early language learning opportunities and those who do not. The program extends to members of the Chicago area’s underserved student population, providing the chance to participate in an immersive language program. The Multilingual Learning Center helps its students enhance their cognitive skills, self-confidence and cultural awareness while nurturing in them a more expansive worldview.

Beginning with a pilot program in the summer of 2018, SAMI will represent a collaborative effort between Northeastern’s Department of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, the Department of World Languages and Cultures, the Department of Teacher Education’s Bilingual Bicultural program and community-based organizations.

Contact the MLC at mlc@neiu.edu or (773) 442-5873.

Mission statement

The Success and Access through Multilingualism Initiative provides opportunities for world language learning to underserved minority children in Chicago to build cognitive skills, self-confidence, cultural awareness and a more expansive worldview.