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SAELL Curriculum

SAELL has four levels of instruction: BASICS, INDEPENDENT 1, INDEPENDENT 2 and INDEPENDENT 3. The SAELL Curriculum has been designed to develop the four core language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing through consistent engagement with these skills throughout each level of instruction. In addition, the curriculum integrates grammar, vocabulary, culture and content courses, and writing for specific purposes. The goal of the SAELL curriculum is to build English language fluency while integrating the skills necessary for students to succeed within their university programs and/or career paths.

Based on individual English proficiency subscores (TOEFL or IELTS), students may be placed at different levels for specific skill areas in order to best meet their language needs. For example, if a student scores into INDEPENDENT 1 overall, but has lower listening and speaking skills, the student may be placed into a lower (BASICS) level class for listening and speaking.

All course levels follow a similar weekly format:

CORE 3 Listening/Speaking
CORE 3 Grammar
CORE 3 Reading/Writing
CORE 3 Integrated Skills

Courses vary.  Topics include:

      Academic Reading

      Productive Writing

      Making Presentations

      Pronunciation and Conversation


Intensive English (full-time) students take 4 CORE classes + 1 ELECTIVE.                                                       Intensive English (course-by-course) students take classes that meet their academic and linguistic needs. It is recommended that these students take CORE classes.

SAELL Sample Schedule (Full-Time 18 hOURS)

Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9a-12p Listening/Speaking Grammar Reading/Writing Integrated Skills
1p-4p Academic Reading English for Presentations Academic Reading English for Presentations