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Costs and Anticipated Time Spent in SAELL

Tuition & fees

Tuition & Fees Intensive English (18 hr)

Course-by-Course (3+  hr) 

Custom Programs
Tuition $3,600

$700 - One 3-hour class / week

$1,350 - Two 3-hour classes / week

$1,950 - Three 3-hour classes / week

$2,400 - Four 3-hour classes / week

$3,600 - Four morning classes plus one 6-hour per week workshop

TBD based on Course Content

Books* $275 $275 TBD based on Course Content
Insurance** $687 NA NA
Living Expenses*** $3,375 NA NA
TOTAL $7,937 $700 - $2,400 + books TBD

*Books: Estimated cost per term. Most required textbooks for CORE classes are included in the cost of tuition. Students are responsible for purchasing their ELECTIVE books.

**Insurance: Estimated cost per term. Insurance is mandatory for all international students. Students may purchase other insurance, if it is comparable to the Northeastern Illinois University health insurance. The quoted cost is for a 16-week semester and would be twice the quoted cost ($1,374) for the entire school year, summer term included.

***Living Expenses: Estimated cost per term. The cost of living expenses are for a 13-week term. Living costs will vary, determined by the housing and amenities the student chooses in Chicago. This estimate is based on the cost of the Home Stay Program, which includes half-board.

Anticipated Time Spent in SAELL

The table below shows how many terms of English language study in SAELL are anticipated for students based on their entrance test scores of the following tests: the International English Language Testing Services (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet Based Test (IBT) and Paper Based Test (PBT).

          Entry Test Scores              # of terms anticipated in SAELL

0-4.5 0-34 310-413 3 4
5.0 35-46 417-453 2 1
5.5-6.0 47-68 457-520 1 2
6.0-7.0 69-70 528-587 - 1

Intensive English Program: SAELL

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