Students who completely withdraw* from all classes at the 60 percent point of the term must repay a portion of financial aid funds received. The amount to be repaid will be based on the amount of time you attended classes. In most cases, you are entitled to keep the percent of aid that equals the amount of time you attended the term. For example, if you completely withdraw from classes at the 30 percent point of the term, you will keep 30 percent of your financial aid and will need to repay up to 70 percent of the aid you received.

Northeastern Illinois University will return these funds to the U.S. Department of Education (for Pell Grants, SEOG Grants, TEACH, Perkins Loans or Direct Stafford Loans) and will charge your student account. You must make arrangements to repay any amounts owed before being allowed to enroll again at Northeastern or to receive additional Title IV funds.

*Northeastern considers that you are completely withdrawn from classes on the day you drop your last class online via NEIUport. Students who do not officially withdraw but can document their last day of attendance will be considered as having attended 50 percent of the term and will be responsible for repaying 50 percent of all federal aid received.

Students who have registered for a class but do not attend that class and do not withdraw from that class will be responsible for repaying 100 percent of all federal aid received.