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Undergraduate Advisor, Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
TESL-310 English Grammar: Description and Instruction
TESL-341 TESL: Principles of Language Teaching
TESL-402 Principles of Linguistics for Teachers
TESL-410 Techniques of Teaching English
TESL-414 Theories of Teaching ESL
TESL-420 Structure of Modern English
TESL-426 Advanced Linguistic Analysis
TESL-430 Structure of Language
TESL-447 Pragmatics
Research Interests 
Affective aspects of language teaching, Humor, Religion.

PhD in Linguistics, Northwestern University


William J. Stone holds a PhD in Linguistics from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL; his dissertation was on African American Vernacular English with a focus on syllable structure. He has an MA in Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. He received his BA in French and Geography from the University of Wolverhampton in England and a post-graduate teaching diploma in French and English from St. Paul’s College, Cheltenham, England. He taught English as a foreign language in Tunisia, Qatar and Oman for a total of thirteen years and English as a second language in Chicagoland for nine years. His current research interests are affective aspects of TESL, humor and engaged learning. He is an Associate Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, where he has taught Linguistics, TESL and ESL courses for the past twenty-two years.

His interests include African American English, pronunciation issues, grammar teaching, religion and humor both inside and outside the classroom. These interests are frequently combined. His most recent research has been in religion and humor and affective aspects of language teaching.

Arts and Sciences

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TESOL Faculty and Staff

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