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College of Arts and Sciences
My research focuses on how race, class, and gender function in urban schools. I am especially concerned with policies that limit young people’s educational experience and well-being, and how students collectively respond to inequality. I am currently exploring youth organizing for education reform in Chicago.
Courses Taught 
SOC 104: Schools and Society
SOC 105: Women, Men, and Social Change
SOC 211: Sociological Research Methods
SOC 230: Sociological Analysis
SOC 332: Sociology of Education
Research Interests 
Urban Education, Youth Culture, Social Movements, and Activist Research

Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies (concentration certificate, Gender and Women's Studies), 2010, University of Illinois at Chicago

B.A., History, 2004, University of Pennsylvania

Arts and Sciences

Faculty and Staff

T +1/773.442.4770

Faculty and Staff

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