Physics Advisor:

Contact Dr. Greg Anderson for advising information.
Office: Bernard J Brommel Hall (Science Building) BBH-217C
Phone: (773) 442-5753

General Advising Information for students interested in a Physics major or minor:

I am always happy to meet with students interested in a Physics major or a minor or any student just interested in Physics that mightn't have made up their mind yet to discuss and advise you on the Physics program at NEIU. My office is located in the Science building (SCI-217C) and my office hours are up on the door. You can come by during my office hours, or email me by clicking on e-mail or call me at (773)-442-5753 to make an appointment or for any specific information you need. If you are a transfer student I will need to see a copy of your Transfer Evaluation of Credit so I can accurately evaluate your progress towards the completion of all degree requirements.

Advising in Summer (May - AUGUST)

Dr. Anderson will be away in Summer 2015. Please contact Dr. Paulo Acioli at e-mail or by phone at (773)-442-4733 for any specific information you need during this time.

The Physics program at NEIU

The goal of the Physics program at NEIU is to provide students with an excellent education in classical and modern physics, while developing a broad-based foundation of problem-solving skills that will enable students to meet the everyday challenges in careers in research, teaching, business, engineering and technology.

Laboratory facilities available to students include a scanning tunneling microscope, a wide array of sophisticated electronic, nuclear, and optical instruments, a Mossbauer effect apparatus, a fully equipped cryogenics laboratory, a fully equipped optics laboratory including a Spiricon Laser Beam Analyzer, a vacuum laboratory, and a 14 inch reflecting telescope. Also housed in the department is a supercomputing cluster of workstations. Students are strongly encouraged to undertake independent research projects based in their interest. The research areas of the Physics faculty at NEIU includes Experimental and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Chemical Physics, Computational Physics, Theoretical High Energy Physics and Cosmology, and Materials Physics and we welcome the opportunity to work with motivated students on projects in these fields.


Qualified undergraduate majors and minors are eligible to apply for a limited number of tuition waivers, scholarships, and part-time jobs offered. Contact the Physics Coordinator for information and application forms or consult the information on this link.