Northeastern Illinois University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Justice Studies program gives students the opportunity to examine the social and historical roots of justice, crime, and the law. Students seek to discover how these roots have shaped public policies, including those of the criminal justice system, and study systematic explanations for the failure—or triumph—of justice in society and explore the potential for transformative justice.

Through critical inquiry, social science investigation, and experiential learning, Justice Studies students develop an understanding of social and economic justice issues and critical criminology. For instance, criminology examines the structural roots of crime and takes up the legal and social concerns of diverse, urban, low-income, and disenfranchised communities, whose members are often heavily targeted by the criminal justice system.

Justice Studies Courses

All Justice Studies majors take six required courses plus eighteen credit hours of electives. Required classes include:

  • Introduction To Social Justice
  • Writing Intensive Program: Justice And Inequality
  • Theories Of Justice And Social Change
  • Research Methods In Justice Studies
  • Practicum In Justice Studies
  • Field Work Seminar

Some of the fascinating elective courses available in the Justice Studies Program include:

Theories Of Criminal Behavior

This class covers theories of crime from the classical school to currently popular viewpoints, including Marxist and radical theories, with emphasis on the relationship between theory and criminal justice policy formulation.

White Collar Crime & Elite Deviance

This course examines the problems of defining crimes of the elite, theories related to white collar crime and elite deviance, and the impact of white-collar crime on society and justice.

See the full Justice Studies major requirements and all Justice Studies course descriptions.

The NEIU Student Experience

Students in the Justice Studies program have a wide array of activities, clubs, and resources available to them.

You’re Not Just a Number

Every Justice Studies major is assigned an advisor to help with understanding the curriculum's requirements so as to make responsible choices about selecting courses. Justice Studies advisors aim to assist students efficiently sequence their courses and get the most out of the major, based on individual goals and interests.

Student Clubs

Getting involved in Justice Studies student clubs is a great way to meet people with similar interests, learn new skills, and prepare for life after college. Choose from Amnesty International, The Pre-Law Society, and many more.

Pre-Law Options

The Justice Studies curriculum at Northeastern Illinois University provides an excellent introduction to key issues and concepts that are used by attorneys. The program is a logical stepping stone for students who plan to go on to law school.

The following Justice Studies elective courses are just some of the classes that prove beneficial in preparing for the LSAT examination:

  • Community Law
  • Legal Research and Bibliography in Criminal Law
  • Law and Racism in America
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Legal Process I
  • Sociology of Law

Find out more about Pre-Law at NEIU.

Immerse Yourself in Justice Studies at NEIU

The Justice Studies major is unique in that its foundational basis is social justice, and starts from the perspective of the poor, socially disenfranchised, minority populations, women, refugees, and communities victimized socially, politically, and economically. The department makes a special effort to involve and serve community groups, specifically disadvantaged minorities and women.

Whether utilizing Justice Studies as a pre-law major or to pursue a career in social justice organizations, human rights, or critical criminology, earning your B.A. at Northeastern Illinois University through the Justice Studies department will lay the groundwork. Learn more, or apply to the program today.