English Language Program students engaging a lecture

Program Objective

The English Language Program (ELP) provides students with an opportunity to develop the level of English language speaking, reading and written communication skills students need in order to succeed in higher education. The writing skills portion of ELP offers classes in basic academic writing for both native (ELP) and non-native (ESL) speakers of English. The reading skills part of the program is comprised of READ courses that have been designed to offer opportunities for the native and non-native English speaker to acquire the prerequisite reading skills and strategies necessary to comprehend college level material. The speaking skills part of the program consists of a single course in ESL speaking and listening.

Placement in the Program

Every student entering Northeastern is placed either in English 101 or the writing skills development portion of the English Language Program according to the results they receive on the English Placement Test. Similarly, results from the Reading Placement Test will dictate placement in or exemption from the reading courses. Students scoring high enough will be exempt from reading courses; other students will be placed in either READ 096 or READ 097 depending on the score achieved.