The broadly-based requirements of the major in Biology are designed to prepare students for: (1) advanced studies in biology, biomedical sciences, environmental biology, ecology and applied ecology; (2) professional training in medicine, dentistry, optometry, chiropractic, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and other health professions; (3) teaching of biology in secondary schools; or (4) career opportunities in research, biomedical sciences, agriculture, industry, government, and academic institutions.

Students interested in completing a major in Biology are strongly urged to declare the major early and seek advisement from a departmental advisor. It is particularly important that students be aware that if they complete the major in Biology, they are exempted from having to take any courses in the Natural Sciences distribution area of the General Education Program.

Please note: Before enrolling in any Biology courses that count toward the major, all students must have earned the following minimum scores on placement tests (or must have successfully completed equivalent coursework): a score of 6 on the reading placement test, a score of 7 on the writing placement test and a score of 30 on the math placement test. 

In addition, students should be aware that a maximum of 18 credit hours of biology courses can be accepted toward the Biology major in transfer credits.

For information about earning a license to teach Biology at the high school level, contact Vanessa King,, or Katy Smith,, in the Goodwin College of Education.

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