Fall 2023

Art + Design Alumni Exhibition

Juror: Olly Greer
Aug. 21 through Sept. 22

Reception: 5:30-8:00 p.m. Friday, Sept. 15

Showcase of artwork by Northeastern Art + Design Alumni

Olly Greer


un:cover :: Re:member

Sept. 29-Oct. 20

"Tranifestations" is a solo exhibition/installation by Olly Greer. Within the space, care is a medium, and trans magic is honored through Olly's menagerie of materials. Their installation saddles joy on top of grief and melts it back into joy through a cycle of un:covering and re:membering. This work is made by trans hands for trans folx, while all are welcome to come feel the glow and take time to be enveloped by this inward turning space titled on a very gay axis. 

Reception: 6:00-9:00 p.m. Friday, Sept. 29
Artist Talk: 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19

Frank Trankina: "Gallery of Galleries"

Oct. 30-Dec. 1

"Gallery of Galleries" is a solo exhibition of Frank Trankina’s oil paintings. In this new series, action figures, statuaries, and dolls become viewers of abstract and figurative paintings that tower over the toys in the picture plane, and occupy a variety of gallery spaces. Paintings of salon-style hung galleries abound in art history, from the time that the French Royal Academy began hangings recent graduates work, as dense as the walls would allow. Paintings like "Gallery of the Louvre," referenced in Trankina’s work "Gallery of Gallery Paintings" pull the viewer into a space they can’t inhabit, but are drawn into with lush details. These exhibition halls are a layer removed and shifted in context with their mass produced miniature figures as consumers. What is on display is not only the work on the walls but the viewers themselves. The playful figures in many of these works are a stand in for us as gallery visitors.

Reception: 6:00-9:00 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3
Artist Talk: 4:10 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 16

Student Holiday Art Sale

Dec. 4-8

A weeklong sale of unique holiday gifts created by Northeastern Art + Design students. All proceeds go directly to the students.

Spring 2024

Aaron Coleman: "Raking Light"

Jan. 16-Feb. 9

"Raking Light" is a multi-media installation by interdisciplinary artist Aaron S. Coleman. Utilizing castings from his own body and found materials such as church chandeliers and basketball court flooring, Coleman’s installation presents a critical analysis of authoritarian systems of information, control and power. "Raking Light" focuses on how religion, politics, certain methodologies of science and anthropology, and the criminal justice system contribute to and sustain race- and class-based oppression.

Reception: TBD
Artist Talk and Workshop: TBD

Mariel Harari: "Settling through the palm"

Feb. 19-March 15

"Settling Through the Palm" is a multimedia installation that explores stages and modes of healing through an investigation of holes. Featured works include fragmented figurative soft sculpture, projected video, and delicate hanging sculptures that create soft, slow movement through the space, marked by gently colorful, tactile surfaces, intimate details and cyclical repetition. Each piece contains a hole, presenting progressions between loss, extraction, soothing, openness, portals and growth.

Reception: TBD
Artist Talk: TBD

Annual Art + Design Juried Student Exhibition

March 25-April 26

A juried exhibition of work in all media created by Northeastern students with a declared major in Studio Art or Graphic Design or a declared minor in Interaction Design, Photography or Studio Art. 

Reception: TBD

jose santiago perez: "girth"

"Girth" is an exhibition of new works that explore material encircling. The corporeal experience of charged circumferences — architectural and sensorial — carry varied hefts of significance. The imposing presence (menace) of white columns. The enclosure of gallery walls. The works in the exhibition follow the decorative drive of knotted and coiled mylar — a material of insulation that both encircles and refracts Girth crafts a queer encounter with circumferences that sheath and shimmer in response to the gallery’s most towering architectural feature: two columns.

May 6-31

Reception: TBD
Artist Talk: TBD

Summer 2024

Thương Hoài Trần: "Cho Gia Đình: For Family"

June 5-23

"Cho Gia Đình: For Family" is an exhibition by Thương Hoài Trần that utilizes personal photographic archives to explore the narratives of being a Vietnamese American immigrant. This exhibition is in honor of the artist’s family while offering a glance into the intimate details of their lives, culture and experiences in the United States.

Reception: TBD
Artist Talk: TBD