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Prepare for a career in teaching through Northeastern's College of Arts and Sciences Education Program.

CASEP at Northeastern

All students who attend Northeastern Illinois University become part of a community of learners—learners who engage in an array of experiences. These experiences transform students, as people, and as future leaders. In keeping with this transformative nature of community, Northeastern offers the College of Arts and Sciences Education Program (CASEP) in its curriculum. As a learning community for students interested in becoming teachers, CASEP will help you decide—through targeted coursework, field experiences, and thoughtful reflection—if teaching is right for you!

Our Program

CASEP begins in the first year of study at Northeastern. It combines general education courses and early field experiences with discussion and feedback about teaching.  Students take general education courses that count towards any degree at Northeastern.  So even if you decide not to become a teacher, CASEP’s coursework will allow you to pursue other academic paths.

Students selected to join CASEP:

  • Benefit from specially-designated general education courses in their first and second years at Northeastern
  • Become part of a cohort, or group, of like-minded students interested in the possibility of becoming teachers
  • Take courses that are content linked and/or co-taught by faculty
  • Conduct K-12 classroom observations in their first year of coursework
  • Receive priority registration with a designated advisor
  • May participate in service learning or part-time employment opportunities in educational settings

CASEP also fosters these abilities desirable in multiple disciplines:

  • Critical and reflective thinking, writing and speaking
  • Effective problem solving and decision making
  • Enhanced presentational skills and technology use
  • An understanding and appreciation of cultural difference
"CASEP will help you determine if teaching is the best career for you."

Students interested in CASEP must be full-time students and should have been accepted by the university at the time of application.

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