GIS is an exciting and fast-growing field with a broad range of applications. It is a discipline that combines cartography, spatial analysis, and dtata management. GIS is recognized as a powerful means of dealing with information stored on maps, with many applications in resource and environmental management, business and marketing, urban and regional planning, environmental impact assessment, terrain and environment modeling, and policy assessment compliance. The 15-credit hour certificate program gives students cutting-edge technical skills which they can immediately apply in the workplace.

The department's undergraduate certificate program can be completed in a single year either as electives within the undergraduate program, as University electives for majors in other departments, or as students-at-large. Classes are held in equipped Smart Classrooms on campus. The Department maintains a dedicated GIS Lab for student use and a second Advanced GIS Lab for special GIS projects. Classes are generally held in the evening.

In the program, students are required to complete three core courses and two electives.

A prerequisite for entering the program is a background in statistics. This may be accomplished by passing an approved statistics course or passing the Department's proficiency exam. Attach evidence of either to the copy of the Certificate Application Form which is submitted to the Department. If the exam is failed it may be taken a second time after at least a month of preparation. If not passed during the second attempt, the student will be required to take a statistics class approved by the GIS advisor.

Students who successfully complete this Certificate program will receive a printed Certificate of Completion that is signed by the President of the University and pressed with the University Seal. Coursework will appear on the student's transcripts.

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Take a closer look at the undergraduate certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and the courses offered toward the program.

Undergraduate Geographic Information Science (GIS), Certificate

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If you are interested in the program or have questions please contact Geography and Environmental Studies.

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