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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At long last, Northeastern Illinois University has opened its first residence hall. It’s called The Nest, and it’s spectacular!

With all of the typical amenities of modern residence halls—internet, cable TV and a full kitchen in every apartment, plus study lounges, a fully loaded game room and a fitness center—the Nest is a six-story, 440-bed commitment to Northeastern’s students and to the future of the institution.

“I’m so glad that a residence hall has come to Northeastern before I leave,” junior Biology major Isabel Vargas said. “It’s nice to have a home here.”

That’s exactly how Vargas and her fellow Nest residents should feel—at home.

“When students come to a university, they’re learning a discipline,” Vice President for Student Affairs Daniel López said. “What student housing can do is to help them become well-rounded individuals by being involved, engaged and participating with other students who may come from different backgrounds and who have different experiences. It’s great to come to class—that’s what we’re here to do—but you gain even more with a more traditional university experience that allows you to live on campus.”

The residence hall is drawing rave reviews from students for its space, amenities and proximity to their friends. “The space feels so natural to be in,” sophomore Erica Bland said. “Immediately when you walk into the room, you see how much floor space there is. I can lay my yoga mat out here or I could do Pilates in my room, which is what I do at home.”

Matt Ekart, a senior, moved into The Nest just in time to get the residence life experience before he graduates. “It’s hard to meet people at a commuter school,” the Elementary Education major said. “So being at the Nest will give me that opportunity.”