Two women smile for the camera while standing in front of their poster presentation.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Northeastern Illinois University students, faculty and alumni presented at the 91st Annual Midwestern Psychological Association Conference from April 11-13 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. 

The conference is a place for students and professionals to share research and network. Northeastern was represented in six presentations: 

  • “Instructors’ Gestures Affect Math Learning for Deaf and Hearing Children,” presented by Theodora Koumoutsakis (alumnus), Murielle Standley (alumnus) and Ruth (Breckie) Church (faculty)
  • “Behavioral Engagement & Mirroring Allows Better Predictions of Academic Success,” presented by Steven Hernandez (alumnus), Maureen W. Erber (Faculty) and Ruth (Breckie) Church (faculty)
  • “Gesture Used in Math Instruction Helps Girls Learn but Math Frustration Persists,” presented by Jennifer Sansone (student), Jelena Pantelic (student), Yadira Alonzo (student), Yeo Eun (Grace) Yun (student), Suleima Tank (student), Theodora Koumoutsakis (alumnus), Saba Ayman-Nolley (faculty), Linda Ruekert (faculty), Ruth (Breckie) Church (faculty) and Lisa Hollis-Sawyer (faculty)
  • “The Effect of Gestures in Math Instruction for English Language Learners,” presented by Yadira Alonzo (student), Jelena Pantelic (student), Jennifer Sansone (student), Suleima Tank (student), Yeo Eun (Grace) Yun (student), Theodora Koumoutsakis (alumnus), Lisa Hollis-Sawyer (faculty), Linda Ruekert (faculty) and Ruth (Breckie) Church (faculty)
  • “The Effect of Children's Digital Media Experience on Video Instruction with Gesture,” presented by Yeo Eun (Grace) Yun (student), Jelena Pantelic (student), Jennifer Sansone (student), Suleima Tank (student), Yadira Alonzo (student), Theodora Koumoutsakis (alumnus), Lisa Hollis-Sawyer (faculty), Linda Ruekert (faculty) and Ruth (Breckie) Church (faculty)
  • “Politics and Employee Selection: Exposure to Political Affiliation Cues and its Effect on Hiring Outcomes,” presented by Uriel Saldivar (student) and Amanda Dykema-Engblade (faculty)

Saldivar and Dykema-Engblade’s presentation won the Psi Chi Regional Research Award, which is earned for empirical investigations with a student doing the bulk of the work. The award includes a poster ribbon, a certificate and a $400 prize.