Saba Ayman-Nolley in front of Bernard Brommel Hall

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Saba Ayman-Nolley, professor and chair of the Department of Psychology, has won the 2015-16 Janet Lerner Faculty Research Scholarship Award, Vice President for Institutional Advancement Liesl Downey announced.

Dr. Janet Lerner served as a professor in the Department of Special Education at Northeastern Illinois University for more than 20 years. Lerner was a distinguished scholar, teacher and consummate leader of professional development opportunities. This award honors her commitment to research and creative activities by supporting scholarly work in the field of special education, with preference to the area of learning disabilities. The memorial award was founded by friends, family and colleagues.

As the Janet Lerner Faculty Research Scholarship Award winner, Saba Ayman-Nolley will receive a cash award of $5,000.

Ayman-Nolley’s project involves a scholarly review of the literature on social schema of children with autism as it pertains to facilitating friendships for these individuals. Previously collected drawings of children with and without autism, along with additional data, will be analyzed as well.