Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In partnership with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Northeastern Illinois University has begun to offer curriculum to prepare students in Social Work and related fields an opportunity to earn a pertinent certification to work in child welfare.

Within the Social Work program, courses are offered that focus on child welfare, trauma and training, and they culminate with the Child Welfare Employee Licensure (CWEL), which students may obtain before they graduate.

“In Illinois, you can’t work in child welfare without a license,” said Ami Flammini, associate director of University Partnerships at the Illinois Office of Workforce Development. “The licensure makes Northeastern more attractive to Social Work students because they will come out ready to be hired. They will have content knowledge that is relevant in Illinois.”

The CWEL allows its holder to work in child welfare throughout the state of Illinois in DCFS as well as contract agencies with DCFS.

“Students of Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Justice Studies, Child Advocacy Studies ... all would be interested in obtaining certification in the DCFS Foundation Training,” said Jade Stanley, professor and chair of the Social Work program. “It will increase their knowledge as well as position them to work in agencies needing employees that have this certification.”

A certification program for Northeastern alumni is in the planning stages. Contact Stanley for more information.