2010 International Art in Response to Violence Conference

Friday, October 17, 2014

Northeastern Illinois University will host the 5th International Art in Response to Violence Conference on Oct. 23-24.

The two-day conference encourages understanding of the role art plays as a facilitator of transformation and how art and art-making are processes of awakening, educating and healing.

The conference will take place in the Student Union on Northeastern’s main campus, 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. in Chicago.

Among the presenters are:

  • Pat Allen, co-founder of Open Studio Project and author of “Art is a Spiritual Path” and “Art is a Way of Knowing.” The topic of Allen’s lecture is Art as a Path to Healing from Trauma.
  • Chris Pappan, Native American internationally renowned visual artist. Pappan will present original pieces created specifically for the conference and speak about overcoming historical trauma.
  • Vicki Roman-Lagunas, Northeastern Vice Provost and professor of world languages and cultures. Roman-Lagunas’ lecture is titled Testimonio: Literature of the Oppressed.
  • Drew Matott and Margaret Mahan of Peace Paper Project. They will discuss contemporary applications of traditional hand papermaking in the context of their current work in the United Kingdom with ex-military and survivors of terrorism.

The program is free for Northeastern classes and students attending one or two sessions for extra credit. Outside community members can register online or in person at the conference.