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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Northeastern Illinois University has awarded tenure and promotions to associate professor for 11 members of the faculty, who were introduced during the June 14 Board of Trustees meeting.

“I congratulate the newest members of our faculty to earn tenure,” Acting Provost Wamucii Njogu said. “This accomplishment recognizes their value as teachers, researchers, mentors and role models for Northeastern’s current and future students—and also builds on Northeastern’s tradition of teaching and research excellence.”

Here is the list of awards of tenure and promotion:

Sara Aliabadi, Accounting, Business Law and Finance
Aliabadi’s research interests include capital markets, fraud and forensic accounting, and fair value accounting. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and has given presentations at several national conferences.

Amina Chaudhri, Teacher Education
Chaudhri’s research focuses on issues of identity construction in children’s literature. She has published a book chapter, as well as a book titled “Multiracial Identity in Children’s Literature.” She is currently working on a co-edited book to be published by the American Library Association’s review magazines, Booklist and Book Links. Chaudhri has given presentations at local, national and international conferences. She is on the editorial review board of the Journal of Children’s Literature, and she reviews journal submissions for Children’s Literature in Education.

Nathan Mathews, Art
Mathews’ creative activities include a photographic project titled “Nuclear Tourism,” which investigates the current state of defensive and offensive military structures left over from the Cold War. He has participated in invitational and juried exhibitions at the local, state, regional and national levels. His work has been illustrated in exhibition catalogs and reviewed in multiple publications, and he has presented numerous guest lectures and artist talks. Mathews has earned six exhibition awards, and has twice been the recipient of a Northeastern Illinois University Committee on Organized Research Grant.

Adam Messinger, Justice Studies
Messinger’s research on intimate partner violence is on the forefront of scholarship in the field. He has published a highly acclaimed book, peer-reviewed journal articles, newspaper articles, and a co-authored book chapter. He has also given several conference presentations. Messinger’s collaboration with colleagues has led to a major National Institutes of Health research grant. Also, he has been the recipient of three Northeastern Illinois University Faculty Excellence Awards for Research and Creative Activity.

Christopher Owen, Music
Owen’s creative activities reflect his work as a conductor, chorus master, solo performer, performance coach and recording producer. His work as a conductor and record producer is featured in published CD recordings, and his performances have ranged from local, regional, national and international audiences. Highlights of his scholarly productions include international collaborations with a youth choir in Germany and with the internationally known vocal ensemble CANTUS. He currently has an article under review by ChorTeach, titled “Practical Teaching Ideas for Today’s Music Teacher.”

Milka Ramirez, Social Work
Ramirez’s expertise falls in the area of social work practice, and her scholarly achievements include research in the academic community, participation in the professional community, and reporting and assessment activities in support of accreditation. She has published a book chapter and a journal article, and has three forthcoming article publications. Ramirez has given presentations at regional and national conferences, as well as major workshops to the professional social work community in Chicago. She was invited to give the keynote address at the annual DCFS Latino Advisory Council’s Latino Institute Day.

Melinda Storie, Geography and Environmental Studies
Storie’s research focuses on conservation psychology and the study of humans’ relationship to nature. Her research activities include six publications, conference presentations ranging from local to international venues, and invited lectures and talks. Storie is involved with environmental education and projects at Volo Bog Visitor’s Center and the Norwood Park Historical Society. Additionally, she secured external funding through the USDA Forest Service to study ecological restoration in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Jing Su, Chemistry
Su’s research interests include medicinal and biological chemistry. She has trained undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of drug development. Su has published in the peer-reviewed chemistry and biomaterials journals. She also presented her research at regional, national and international scientific conferences including  Women in Science conference and American Chemical Society meetings. Su is the co-author of multiple published scientific patents and has been the recipient of NEIU Faculty Research Stipend Award, Committee on Organized Research Grant and a Summer Research Fellowship at Northwestern University.

Cindy Voisine, Biology
Voisine’s research focuses on using the nematode C. elegans to study neurodegenerative diseases. She has published articles and has been a peer reviewer for major research journals. Voisine presented at scientific conferences and meetings, and her research collaborations with colleagues at Northeastern Illinois University and at other institutions, including Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Heidelberg Germany, have led to research opportunities for students. She has been the recipient of a Northeastern Illinois University Faculty Excellence Award for Research and Creative Activities, as well as a Fulbright Scholarship.

Xiaohong (Sara) Wang, Accounting, Business Law and Finance
Wang has been conducting high-quality research in finance and related fields, and her work has been featured in prestigious publications such as the Journal of Information Systems, Financial Management, International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, and Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal. Wang has presented her work at renowned national conferences, including the Financial Management Association Annual Meeting and the Midwest Financial Association Annual Meeting.

Shubin (Kevin) Xu, Management and Marketing
Xu’s research interests include supply chain management, the operations and marketing interface, optimization, and scheduling theory and applications. He has had several articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Currently, he has two articles ready to be submitted to journals and another article in progress. Additionally, Xu recently presented papers at two conferences, and has been appointed to serve on the editorial board of the International Journal of Applied Management Science.