Thursday, February 5, 2015

Northeastern Illinois University Linguistics Professor Judith Kaplan-Weinger and alumna Char Ullman have published a new textbook, “Methods for the Ethnography of Communication: Language in Use in Schools and Communities.” The book aids students in the study of communication in the classroom and community settings.

Designed for the Anthropological Linguistics graduate course that Kaplan-Weinger teaches at Northeastern, the book emphasizes the principles of ethnographic communication, collecting and analyzing data, and making the connections between communicative acts and situations.

A few years in the making, the book is built on the framework that both Kaplan-Weinger and Ullman (M.A. ’93 Linguistics), now an assistant professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, have been using in their classes.

“We wrote the book because there is nothing else like it that takes students through the entire process of doing an ethnography of communication,” said Kaplan-Weinger, who also serves as coordinator of the Linguistics program. “I have been thrilled to be able to share my love for the study of language and culture with my Northeastern students over the past 28 years, and now I am thrilled to share this area of linguistics with students outside Northeastern as well.”


Judith Kaplan-Weinger