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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Northeastern Illinois University's College of Arts and Sciences’ English & Math Enrichment, Readiness, and Growth Experience (EMERGE) Summer Program has achieved a high success rate in its third year of operation.

EMERGE is a free summer enrichment program that helps first-year, first-time students gain the skills needed to successfully place into higher-level Math and English courses, saving them money on tuition and fees, and speeding up the time to graduation.

For the EMERGE Math Program, 84 students participated and 80 retook the math placement test. (The remaining four students will retake the placement test soon.)

The scores of 64 percent of students who retook the math placement test advanced them at least one level in Math, 34 percent at least two levels, and 9 percent at least three levels. On average, students advanced 1.06 levels in Math.

Of the 34 students who completed the EMERGE English Program, 97 percent advanced at least one course level. Of the 17 students who could advance more than one level, 82 percent advanced two or more levels. Overall, 79 percent of the students placed into college-level coursework for Fall 2016.

“I’m proud of the students who took advantage of the EMERGE program and now are better prepared for a successful fall semester,” Provost Richard J. Helldobler said. “As our graduation rate continues to climb, programs such as this one will play an important role.”