Monday, July 20, 2015

Northeastern Illinois University’s College of Business and Management returned an estimated $729,630 in 2014 tax refunds to low-income families through its partnership with Ladder Up, the organization announced.

Ladder Up is a nonprofit organization that trains and deploys more than 1,100 volunteers to offer free financial services to low-income families across the Chicago area.

During the most recent tax season, 57 volunteers from Northeastern participated in Ladder Up’s Tax Assistance Program.

“As an active member of the Chicago community, the College of Business and Management is pleased that our students and faculty could help return so much money to our clients,” Northeastern Accounting Club adviser and Accounting, Business Law and Finance Assistant Professor Sara Aliabadi said. “Ultimately, these refunds will help further stimulate the local economy when the money is spent in area businesses.”

In a letter to College of Business and Management Dean Michael Bedell, Ladder Up specifically recognized former Accounting Club Secretary Greg Nemtsev for his “outstanding effort as university liaison ... and for the critical role he played in our success.”

Nemtsev  (B.S. ’15 Accounting) worked with Ladder Up as a volunteer in 2014 before taking over as university liaison in 2015.

“It’s great motivating other students to take part in something that is pro bono,” said Nemtsev, who now works at Katz LLC tax accounting firm. “Having had this experience, working with the software, it certainly helped me move forward career-wise as well.”

Nemtsev worked closely with two other students in helping to organize the event: Tania Olivares (B.S. ’15 Accounting) and Su Oh, who is now president of the Accounting Club.