This method is useful if you need to satisfy the GCOE application requirement promptly.  

NOTE: This method will result in separate fees, and will require that you take another fingerprinting for CEST experience. Since the fingerprint results from this method are requested specifically for GCOE, they CANNOT be given to Chicago Public Schools (CPS). (CPS will only accept results requested on the forms intended for CPS directly, through scenario B.)

This method might not be suitable for DACA students.

Follow this process:

  1. You will have your fingerprinting conducted at Accurate Biometrics for both state and federal fingerprints.

  2. When ready to visit Accurate Biometrics, you must bring with you:

    1. payment of $30 (for State of Illinois) and $45 (for federal). Credit card or money orders only.

    2. your state-issued identification

    3. two filled out forms:
      Accurate Biometrics request form - FBI results for GCOE

      Accurate Biometrics request form - Illinois results for GCOE

  3. Accurate Biometrics will provide you with receipts at the time of this service. Please keep them and refer to them for instructions on how to retrieve your actual results. Please do not submit the receipts to GCOE, as they are not sufficient for your application: instead the actual results of fingerprinting are required.

How results are received:

The Illinois State Police result will be mailed directly to the Goodwin College of Education, via USPS. It typically arrives at GCOE within 7-10 days. You may call GCOE Admissions Office to check if it has arrived.

The federal result will NOT be mailed directly to GCOE. Instead, it will be available to you for download within several hours, from the link you will receive via email from Accurate Biometrics.

You are required to print out this one-page document and bring the hard copy of federal result to GCOE Admissions Office in LWH 4045. Do not email or fax your federal result to GCOE as this will not be accepted.