Damian Loma
Instructor, Graphic Design
Art + Design
College of Arts and Sciences
Damian Loma has taught Graphic Design at UIC and NEIU. He works on community driven design projects with institutions. He has worked with museums, schools, non-profits, and neighborhood organizations.
Courses Taught
Graphic Design I
Graphic Design Survey
Research Interests
Damian is a graphic designer who explores community focused design, primarily by studying gentrification of neighborhoods in Chicago and abroad. After witnessing changes in his neighborhood of Andersonville he began an ongoing exploration of what builds community and the socio-economic forces that drive gentrification. This has resulted in the publication of books, pamphlets, exhibits and other experimental design projects. He is continuing to explore this topic through game design, video/sound montage, and human-centered research.

Master of Design, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (Graphic Design), Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

Office Hours
By appointment.
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