Casey Holtschneider
Assistant Professor
Social Work
College of Arts and Sciences
(773) 442-4775
Youth homelessness; youth development; trauma
Courses Taught
SWK 207: Social Welfare Policy I
SWK 357: Social Welfare Policy II
SWK 403: Generalist Practice I
SWK 405: Generalist Practice II
SWK 406: Social Welfare Policy
SWK 407: Social Work Research
SWK 432: Family-Centered Policy
SWK 434: Child Welfare Policy
SWK 441: Empowerment and Change
SWK 472: Trauma Treatment
SWK 473: Special Topics in Advocacy
SWK 495/496: Advanced Field Practicum
Research Interests
Youth housing models; expressive therapies; housing policy; structural social work practice

PhD, Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago

MSW, University of Michigan

BA in Psychology and BA in Sociology, University of Michigan

Selected Publications

Mattaini, M. A., & Holtschneider, C. (2016). Foundations of social work practice: A graduate text (5th ed.). Washington, DC:  NASW Press.

Mattaini, M.A., & Holtschneider, C. (2017). Collective leadership and circle processes: Not invented here. The Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 37, 126-141

Holtschneider, C. (2016). From independence to interdependence: Redefining outcomes for transitional living programs for youth experiencing homelessness. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 97, 160-170.

Holtschneider, C. (2016). A part of something: The importance of transitional living programs within a Housing First framework for youth experiencing homelessness. Children and Youth Services Review, 65, 204-215.

Selected Exhibitions

Holtschneider, C. (2018). Addressing hunger,housing instability and homelessness on campus. Pride Action Tank, Housing Instability in Higher Education Covening. Chicago, IL

Holtschneider,C. (2017). Building Power: Community, resistance, and the role of social work. Chicago Social Work Collective. Chicago, IL.

Holtschneider, C. (2016). It saved my life: From homelessness to community with youth in transitional living. Invited webinar, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.

Holtschneider, C. (2016). Rethinking aftercare: Experiences of youth exiting housing programs. Paper presentation at the Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

Holtschneider, C. (2015). The impact of transitional living programs: Perspectives of homeless youth. Oral presentation at the Council on Social Work Education Annual Program, Denver, CO.


Dr. Casey Holtschneider is an assistant professor of Social Work at NEIU and has spent the last 20 years working with young people experiencing homelessness. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Chicago where her dissertation research investigated the long-term impact of housing and support services for youth in situations of homelessness. Her findings raised critical concerns with regard to: the systemic barriers and further harm youth experience when accessing services; the prioritization and quality of those services; and the continued structural violence that leads to and perpetuates poverty and homelessness for youth. In effort to take action on these findings, Dr. Holtschneider teamed up with a group of former participants in, and directors of, homeless youth services in Chicago and together they founded the LYTE Collective where she currently serves as executive director. Dr. Holtschneider is the co-author of Foundations of Social Work Practice: A Graduate Text (5th ed.) and her present research focuses on improving services for young people through the implementation of intervention models that are youth-driven, evidence-guided, and grounded in anti-oppressive practice.

Additional Information

Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Illinois

LWH 3001
Northeastern Illinois University
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United States

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