Environmental science strives to understand the many interactions between the environment and its components, including the impact of human activities on the environment on one hand and how the environment affects humans on the other. Environmental Science goes to the heart of environmental issues in terms of understanding the science behind them as well as in developing scientifically sound solutions.

The Environmental Science program promotes the development of problem-solving skills, a broad and solid scientific knowledge base, and it teaches effective team collaboration, because the understanding of and solutions to environmental issues often involve expertise in many scientific areas such as geology, hydrology, biology, chemistry, physics, as well as environmental policy. Team skills, including leadership abilities, are vital to the environmental scientist and are an integral part of the new Environmental Science major. The program will produce graduates who are committed to civic engagement and are qualified for employment with industry, governmental regulatory agencies, environmental consulting firms, and graduate study in Environmental Science or related fields.

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Environmental Science, B.S.

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