Research in biology and health-related fields has increasingly become more quantitatively oriented. The need to analyze newly available data in fields including medicine, genetics, toxicology, ecology, evolution and natural resource management has led to a significant increase in the integration between mathematics and biology. The minor in Biomathematics capitalizes on this integration and provides the skills and knowledge in mathematical biology necessary to address today’s pressing health and environmental issues.

Program Benefits

Obtain a minor in Biomathematics by adding just a few courses to a major in biology, environmental science, mathematics or another complementary bachelor's degree. The program allows you to gain hands-on experience through modeling courses in mathematics and laboratory courses in biology. Coursework will help you become marketable for fast-growing biological careers that require strong analytical skills.

Career Options

Students with training in biomathematics gain skills which empower them to find employment in industries such as pharmaceutical and environmental consulting, government or hospitals.

Mathematical models used in conjunction with increased computer capabilities have the potential to help replace lengthy and expensive experiments, allowing for more precise analysis of biological data. Research areas include a variety of specialties including but not limited to:

  • biomechanics
  • neurobiology
  • agricultural management
  • conservation biology
  • genetics
  • ecology
  • wildlife management
  • environmental toxicology
  • biochemistry
  • biomedicine

The additional training in biology and mathematics provided by the Biomathematics minor also builds a path toward pursuing graduate education in mathematics or biology.

Academic Catalog Information

Take a closer look at the minor in Biomathematics and the courses offered toward the program.

Biomathematics, Minor

Department and Contact Information

If you are interested in the program or have questions, please contact Biology at (773) 442-5740.

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