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Goodwin Gift Challenge

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Celebrating the Goodwin Gift Challenge

Hey, Northeastern,  

On New Year's Day, 2016, Northeastern Illinois University launched the Goodwin Gift Challenge. Northeastern alumnus Daniel L. Goodwin issued a challenge to alumni and friends to raise $500,000 each year in 2016, 2017 and 2018, which he pledges to match.

You helped us reach Year One of the Goodwin Gift Challenge in 2016, and Northeastern received $500,000 from Mr. Goodwin. Thank you!

Now, Year Two of the Gift Challenge was launched in January 2017 with a new $500,000 goal. Heading into Northeastern's annual Golden Gala on September 16, 2017, the NEIU Foundation had raised about $470,000 in contributions toward the goal.

By the time the Gala ended with a flurry of pledges big and small, that total exceeded the $500,000 second-year goal of the Goodwin Gift Challenge - with more than three months to spare! Those philanthropic gifts will be matched by Daniel L. Goodwin, for a total contribution of $1 million.

We may have made our Goodwin goal, but Northeastern still needs your support! 

Donate Today

Daniel L. Goodwin with administrative team, President Hahs and vice presidents

Here's how you can Double the difference: 

Any time you give to Northeastern, just check the box "Count me in!" for the Goodwin Gift Challenge. 

  • Visit
  • Choose to give ANY amount to ANY designation
  • Check the "Count Me In!" box and your gift will count toward the $500,000 goal to meet the Goodwin Gift Challenge

Mr. Goodwin's total commitment of $2.5 million will benefit the Daniel L. Goodwin College of Education to support scholarships, programs and lectures.

Your gift goes wherever you decide. When you "Count Me In!" you double the impact of your gift by helping Northeastern in two places at once.

What do you say, Northeastern? Will you Double the Difference? 


Daniel L. Goodwin

“Today we measure the success of this challenge in dollars and cents. In time, we will measure it in the number of lives transformed.”                      

Daniel L. Goodwin, B.A. Elementary Education - Psychology


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