Inner City Course Description

ICSE-101 Development of Inner City Children, 3 cr

. An examination of traditional theories of child growth
and development in the light of recent findings of interdisciplinary research on the behavior of
disadvantaged children in urban settings. Special emphasis on inner city family structures as well as those
informal and formal systems that contribute to personality formation.

ICSE-102 The Paraprofessional in the Inner City School, 3 cr.

Introduction to educational philosophies and teaching techniques relevant to inner city schools from pre- school through upper elementary grades as they pertain to the paraprofessional (teacher aide). Considerable focus on teacher aide-pupil relationships and teacher aide-parent relationships. Special projects will deal with practical classroom situations and motivational techniques. Students will be exposed to new materials and media and trained to select those especially applicable to inner city youth.

ICSE-103 Introduction to Inner City Studies, 3 cr.

An overview of the problems of minority groups in large
urban settings. Includes the study of mental and physical health, and community services.

ICSE-104 Introduction to Ethno-Musicology, 3 cr.

An introduction to the music of each Ethnic group:
Spanish descent, African-American and Indian with historical analysis of each group’s musical origins.

ICSE-105 Urban Art Forms, 3 cr.

Survey of contemporary art forms that compares themes, types of
materials, and designs with those of the past.

ICSE-106 Inner City Behavior Patterns, 3 cr.

A psychological approach to the distinctive life-style patterns
that permeate all facets of inner city living.

ICSE-201 History and Culture of Ethnic Groups in America, 3 cr.

An examination of religious, social,
economic, and political aspects of ethnic groups in the United States, namely: Spanish descent, African-
Americans, American Indians, etc.

ICSE-202 Colonial Systems, 3 cr.

The history, culture, politics and economics of external and internal
colonialism from the 17th century to the present. Restricted to undergraduates.

ICSE-203 Revolutionary Movements, 3 cr.

Comparative study of various contemporary revolutionary
movements including domestic revolts.

ICSE-204 Introduction to African Civilizations, 3 cr.

An introductory survey of African civilizations,
concerned with the major culture of Africa before the invasions by the modern, Western European nations
of the 15th and 16th centuries.

ICSE-205 Ethnic Politics in America, 3 cr.

A study of the way various ethnic and social groups relate to local
and national politics. Examination of the various ways by which ethnic groups in America have obtained
political strength. It will investigate ethnic activities in this area on the local and national levels.

ICSE-301 Racism in Theory and Fact, 3 cr.

Study of race and culture as related to social and racist theories.
Focus will be on such issues as prejudice, racial superiority, and racial group interaction.

ICSE-302 The Inner City Community, 3 cr. The study of the politics, economics, and social structure of the
inner city. In addition, the ecological approach will be covered.

ICSE-303 Theory and Methodology in Ethnic Group Research, 3 cr.

Examination of literature and theories
that relate to research of minority communities and individuals. Examination of the various theoretical
frameworks and models that have been developed from research of various ethnic groups. An
examination of the methods used in collecting such data will also be undertaken.

An examination of the cultural barriers and racial myths which impede inter-cultural communication. Development of a theory of inter-cultural communication with emphasis on means of disseminating ideas, news and propaganda in inner city communities.

ICSE-305 Business Welfare and Labor Systems in America, 3 cr.

A study of political, economic, and social
aspects of the labor welfare economy as related to group structure. Problems posed by automation,
cybernation, and discrimination will be studied in-depth.

ICSE-324 Problems in Testing Inner-City Children, 3 cr.

Special problems in administering, interpreting,
and constructing tests for inner city children.

ICSE-326 Language Behavior in Inner-City Communities, 3 cr.

Review of the literature and research on
language problems in the inner city, methods, and programs for speech, reading, and listening
improvement, and utilization of learning aids.

ICSE-327 Seminar in Administrative Practicum, 2 cr.

Designed to provide orientation, overview and
evaluation of practicum experience. Must be taken concurrently with ICSE-328. Prereq.: ICSE-305.

ICSE-328 Administrative Practicum, 4 cr.

A ten week assignment in an inner city administrative unit,
governmental or private. Designed to give the student experience in administration and administrative
problems of various agencies and organizations. The student will be supervised by a cooperating
administrator working with the faculty practicum supervisor. Must be taken concurrently with ICSE-327.
Prereq.: ICSE-305.

ICSE-329B Constitutional Issues and Race Relations, 3 cr

. This course is designed to give a brief look into
one of the greatest written constitutions of any country, and its effect on inner city communities with
particular emphasis on race and issues presented as a result of legal and administrative enforcement of
the constitution. The course is structured in a manner to encourage reading, research, critical thinking, and
analytical writing.

ICSE-329C Inner City Organization and Institution Building, 3 cr.

This course is primarily a survey of the
socio-political dynamics of inner city organization and institution building. An ecological framework will be
utilized to guide our examination. The course will encompass three principal areas of concern:

1. an overview of organizations and institutions within the context of social organization;

2. issues relevant to inner city organization and institution building 3. methodological tools to develop a proposal to conduct an ethnographic study of the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies at Northeastern Illinois

University. Moreover, current social findings concerning inner city organization and institution building will
be examined.

ICSE-329D Advanced Ethnomusicology, 3 cr

. This course is intended to provide students with a clear
knowledge base for research in the field of ethnomusicology. The course will engage students in research
approaches that have evolved to define this discipline, and to encourage new and creative approaches
which will inspire investigations that will enhance and evolve the field. The focus of the course is centered
in the development and coordination of field research, comparisons of music in various cultural contexts,
and evaluating and incorporating data. Research incentives and initiatives will be drawn from prescribed
readings, class discussions, and a model project designed by the instructor.

ICSE-329E The Oral Tradition and the Inner City Community, 3 cr.

This course explores the social, political,
and cultural forces that influence hip hop culture and the rap music industry. Ecological conceptual models
will be used to determine if multinational media conglomerates function as one massive empire that uses
some aspects of the rap music industry as cultural imperialism, or if they are simply involved with hip hop
for classic capitalism purposes, or a combination of both.

ICSE-329F Contemporary Issues in the Inner City, 3 cr

. This course focuses on the contemporary issues
surrounding inner city communities in the United States. It specifically examines the economic, political,
educational, and environmental underpinnings of such communities. Throughout this course the major
issues effecting the environment of inner city communities, specifically, miseducation, and the misuse and
abuse of economic and political power are discussed, debated, researched and resolved. In addition, the
discussion of racism as the underlying cause of the historic and contemporary issues in the inner city is

ICSE-329G Comparative Inner City Communities, 3 cr.

Course examines historical and contemporary
aspects of inner city life in major urban areas in the United States and abroad. It will include the study of
the demographics, politics, economics, and social structure, as well as the systems and institutions which
affect these inner city communities. The central focus of the course is the comparative exploration of the
nature and function of the historical and contemporary role of inner city communities within major cities
internationally. The course is research-oriented. Students are organized into teams to explore two major
cities in each of the countries: United States, Africa, Caribbean, and Europe.

ICSE-329H Inner City Development, 3 cr.

This course examines the development in inner city communities
in the city of Chicago since 1970 and tracks future plans for development. Students will examine the
economic, political, social and cultural development of inner city communities and how this development
impacts the residents of these communities. This examination will include a thorough look at the
development efforts of the city, state, and federal governments, as well as the efforts of private and nonprofit

ICSE-329I History and Culture of the Caribbean, 3 cr.

This course is designed to explore the history and
culture of the Caribbean since the 15th century. The impact of European exploration, imperialism,
colonialism, and slavery on indigenous populations and African people will be investigated. African responses to the transatlantic slave trade system will be examined. The intent of this course is to assist students in developing knowledge, critical reading and thinking skills, and research and writing skills.

ICSE-329L African Communications, 3 cr

. This course is designed to examine verbal and non-verbal
communication in African and African American culture, including speaking, writing, the visual arts, song,
instrumental music, dance, and film. Perspectives on linguistic and artistic expression will be explored. The
role of the “Creative Word” in communication will also be considered. Approaches to building cultural
knowledge, competence, and literacy will be analyzed. Lectures and discussion will inform instruction.

ICSE-329M Urban Africa, 3 cr.

This course is designed to discuss and analyze urban African societies. It also
focuses on the conflicts and historical developments within African Nation-States and the impact of
European Colonialism on their development. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing the social, economic,
political, and military relationships with state formation and their value to worldwide African community
of the past and the impact on contemporary society.

ICSE-329N African Education, 3 cr.

This course is designed to discuss and analyze various aspects of
Traditional African Education. It also focuses on the conflicts and historical development of various ideas
surrounding the question of Traditional African Education and African-Centered Education as they relate to
educational, psychological, sociological, and political thoughts which impact the current African world
community. The materials incorporated will reflect the cultural, anthropological, linguistic, psychological
and philosophical factors impacting the historical development of African Education.

ICSE-329O West African Life, History, and Culture, 3 cr

. This course will define the Eurocentric worldview
vs. the African-Centered worldview. It will trace civilization back to its African origins and highlight ancient
West African history, specifically that of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Finally, we will examine the resistance
and fall of West Africa and the loss of West African intellectual property, as well as how the history of
West Africa is becoming increasingly relevant to the lives of Africans throughout the Diaspora today.

ICSE-329P History of Africa, 3 cr.

This course is designed to discuss and analyze various aspects of African
Civilizations. It also focuses on the conflicts and historical development of various pre-colonial African
kingdoms to the rise of Eurasian colonialism and the Slave Trade. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing the
relationship between ancient Eurasian and African contacts in the past and the impact it has on present
day dynamics and circumstances. The materials incorporated will reflect the cultural, anthropological,
linguistic and psychological factors impacting the historical development and the current status of African

ICSE-329R Alternative Political Systems: Pan-Africanism or Marxism, 3 cr.

This course is designed to
provide students with the historical backgrounds of the Pan African Movement and Marxism. The course
will also familiarize students with the latest trends and developments regarding the present day Pan
African Movement and the continued interplay between Marxist ideology and its relationship to the newly
established African Union.

ICSE-329T Black Politics in Urban America, 3 cr.

Students are introduced to the history, theories, and
contemporary practice of Black Politics in Urban America. Course examines historical and contemporary
structure and political system of the African American Community from an interdisciplinary perspective. It
examines the political and historical foundations of the African political system, its survival and adaptation
to the changing American political terrain. It examines cultural and political behavior from the enslaved
African regime to present Urban America by utilizing concepts of urban politics and inner city studies as
the prism from which to review the passage of time and structural changes in the last three centuries.

ICSE-329U The Political History of Black Chicago, 3 cr.

This course is designed to acquaint students with
the history of Black Chicago's political struggle from the early beginnings of the city to the present to
facilitate awareness of their political environment and how it affects their lives and the lives of inner city
residents. In addition, the course is designed to assist the student in developing research and writing skills
by examining the rich store of primary source material available relative to the political history of Black

ICSE-329V Elite Theory and American Democracy, 3 cr.

The purpose of this course is to examine social
organization and theories of power to determine who really rules America. Moreover, we will delve into
the process of how the power elite maintain and enhance their power in society. Edward Shils reminds us
that society has a center. Our goal will be to examine this "center" to determine how it impinges in various
ways on those who live within American society.

ICSE-329W Inner City Institutions, 3 cr

. This course examines the various institutions in inner city
communities and the roles they play within these communities. The course will specifically evaluate the
political economy generated by these institutions which are created, funded, and operate from sources
outside of the inner city community. The topic of fiscal budgeting and management of the city government
and how it relates to inner city institutions, as well as the institutional generation and allocation of funds
will be examined to analyze how the funding process facilitates structural advantages and/or
disadvantages in the inner city community.

ICSE-331 Literature of Ethnic Groups, 3 cr.

Approach to the study of ethnic cultures through literature
written by and about those groups; study of literary works concerned with African descendants, Southern
Mountain Whites, American Indians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans. Insight into the cultural
attributes of these groups through the reading of novels, plays, biographies, essays, poems, and short

ICSE-332 Inner City Careers, 1 cr

. Enables students to explore information about themselves and the world
of work in an effort to make personal career decisions. Emphasizes the communications process in the
work world.

ICSE-333 Inner City Careers, 2 cr.

Enables students to survey career areas being considered as their life’s
work. Students are exposed to career conditions, requirements, income ranges, etc. of the careers under
consideration. Emphasis is placed on compiling data through student research, about people functioning in
career areas, and potential employers. Students also explore processes of seeking specific employment
positions. Prereq.: admission to College of Education with a major in inner city studies.

ICSE-334 Inner City Careers, 3 cr.

Students are required to serve as “workers” (usually time without pay) in
the career areas of their choice. In addition, the course requires considerable thought on students’ part
and a written prospectus of how they would use their chosen career to benefit inner city communities if
given the opportunity. Prereq.: admission to College of Education with a major in inner city studies.

ICSE-348 Intergroup Dynamics, 3 cr

. Study of how to help pupils and parents of different races interact
harmoniously; practice in directing activities that will enhance intercultural relationships through such
techniques as role playing, panel discussions, and public speaking.

ICSE-411 Graduate Study in the Inner City, 3 cr

. An introduction to graduate study of the conflict of
cultures in the United States, especially between the dominant culture and African-Americans, American
Indians, Southern Mountain Whites, Cubans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans. Special emphasis will be given
to educational problems facing these groups. This course is required and should be taken early in the
student’s program. Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-412 Behavior Patterns in the Inner City, 3 cr.

The study of inner city behavior patterns which result in
agency intervention. Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-413 The Idioms of African Communities, 3 cr.

The oral communication characteristics and language
patterns peculiar to African-Americans in urban areas. Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-414 History and Culture of Southern White Migrants, 3 cr.

History of the Southern White Migrants,
treated in conjunction with an examination of the cultural patterns of the people; major emphasis on the
family, religion, education, and economic status, and their respective roles in the transition from a rural to
an urban way of life. Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-415 History and Culture of Spanish Speaking Americans: Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban, 3 cr.
Cultures of the Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Cuban, studied against their historical backgrounds; specialattention given to an understanding of the individual’s problems in transition from peasant to urban
societies. Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-416 History and Culture of African-Americans, 3 cr.

Study of African derivation and the culture of
American slavery; urban and rural existence; development of the emergent African-American middle-class.
Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-417 History and Culture of American Indians, 3 cr

. Treatment of the general history and distribution
by cultural areas of the North American Indian; description and analysis of representative Indian values
undertaken in order to understand the problems in the process of change from tribal to non-tribal
systems. Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-425A Comparative Religions & Philosophical Systems, 3 cr.

This course is designed to discuss and
analyze the nature of the conflict between the growth of early African Christianity and its rival in Europe. It
will examine the various African and European thinkers whose discourses were instrumental in the earliest
development of Christian philosophy, dogma and praxis. It will also explore the various ecumenical
councils that were convened to discuss philosophical issues impacting the current worldview in Western
theology. In addition the course will assess the content and context of the notion of "heresy" as a tool in
Western theological and intellectual warfare against early African thought. Prereq.: Graduate standing an ICSE-411.

ICSE-425B African Civilization, 3 cr.

This course is designed to discuss and analyze various aspects of
African Civilizations. It reviews the conflicts and historical development of various pre-colonial African
kingdoms to the rise of Eurasian colonialism and the Slave Trade. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing the
relationships and values of the world African community of the past and the impact it had on
circumstances today. Prereq.: Graduate standing and ICSE-411.

ICSE-425C The African World View, 3 cr

. This course is designed to discuss and analyze aspects of the
African World View. It also focuses on the conflicts and historical developments of various ideas
surrounding the question of African Centeredness and Pan-Africanism as it relates to educational,
psychological, sociological, and political thoughts which impact the African world community. Prereq.:
Graduate standing and ICSE-411.

ICSE-425E African and Caribbean Traditions and Religion, 3 cr

. This course is a comparative analysis of the
traditions and religious practices of Africans and Africans in the Caribbean. It is designed to assist graduate
students in developing knowledge, skills, techniques, writing, and research skills. This course will explore
the variety of religious institutions on the African continent and in the African Diaspora. Prereq.: Graduate
standing and ICSE-411.

ICSE-425F The African American Church as a Political Instrument, 3 cr.

This course is designed to discuss
and analyze various aspects of the African American church and its impact as a political instrument within
the worldwide Black community. This course examines the indigenous spiritual experiences of African
people in Africa, their impact on the growth and development of Christianity, Islam and Judaism in Africa,
the Caribbean and Central, South, and North America. It will demonstrate that each development was a
response to the conditions in which Africans found themselves in the Diaspora as well as means of
liberation, theologically, psychologically, socially, politically, and economically. Prereq.: ICSE-411.

ICSE-426 History and Philosophy of Black Education, 3 cr.

Examination of the historical and social forces
surrounding the issues of Black education in America, from 1800 to the present. It is within the scope of
this course to help the student recount and reconstruct, as near as possible, the crucial social
controversies, their advocates, and the century-old evolution of schools of thought on Black educational
theory. Prereq.: graduate standing, ICSE-411, ICSE-427 and ICSE-442.

ICSE-427A The African American Community, 3 cr

. This course is designed to create an understanding of
the origin, travail, and future of the African American Community. It traces the historical foundations of
African American life and culture through time from the slave regime to contemporary times by utilizing the concepts of family and community as the prism from which to review the passage of time and the
structural changes over the past 500 years. Prereq.: ICSE-411.

ICSE-427E The Multi-Ethnic Society, 3 cr.

This course is designed to create a participatory learning
community to explore the historical development, the structure, and the function of ethnic groups in the
Global Community. It will explore the origin of major ethnic groups, the African ethos, cultural
development in the major ethnic regions, and the impact these developments have had on the world as a
whole. Prereq.: Students must complete ICSE 411 & 442.

ICSE-428 The Urban World, 3 cr.

This course is an examination of the urban communities in which peoples
of African descent reside, the evolving urban patterns, and the changing nature of urban life in these areas
of the world. It looks at the realities of "slum" existence, factors behind the creation of slums, the policies
that govern urban communities, and the limitations of these policies in many developing countries. Many
major cities were founded on "squatter-style" neighborhoods. We further explore the growing challenges
and issues presented by these urban areas in an increasingly globalized world. Further we will conduct
comparative analyses of some of these communities. Prereq.: Students must complete ICSE 411 & 442.

ICSE-431 Seminar in Inner City School Problems, 3 cr.

Problems of curriculum, counseling, instruction,
facilities, school attendance, the gang, etc.; students to do research and present papers on special
problem areas and their relationship to school and community. The student will complete a master’s
report, emphasizing participation in some activity related to inner city education, with approval of
instructor. The report may take the form of demonstrations, copies of interviews, a written report, etc.

ICSE-432 Curriculum Development in the Inner City, 3 cr.

A consideration of the life needs, the assets and
the disabilities of the inner city child, and the adjustment of the curriculum to improve the child’s learning
experiences. Emphasis will be placed on the theory of curriculum construction and the needs of inner city
children. Prereq.: graduate standing and ICSE-411.

ICSE-441 Cultures of the Inner City, 3 cr

. Intensive comparative analysis of the way of life of America’s
urban poor and their relationship to the larger society. Prereq.: graduate standing and ICSE-411.
ICSE-442 Research Methods in Inner City Studies, 3 cr. Research design and analysis of data; methods for
collecting and interpreting data, observation, formulation of hypotheses, techniques of interviewing,
questionnaire construction, and writing of reports; primary objective of the course is to train students to
read research studies with understanding and to apply the findings to classroom instruction. Prereq.:
graduate standing.

ICSE-443 Research Writing, 3 cr.

Advanced instruction in writing reports, proposals, papers, and thesis.
Consideration of form and style. Methods of writing critiques of research studies. Prereq.: graduate
standing, ICSE-411 and ICSE-442.

ICSE-444 Methods of Teaching in the Inner City, 3 cr.

Curriculum development and adjustment to meet
needs of inner city pupils; new approaches to teaching the “hard to reach” pupil; students to develop units
in their own major teaching areas, utilizing new materials and techniques. Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-445 Independent Study in Inner City Studies, 3 cr.

Intensive study of topics related to student’s
program. Prereq.: graduate standing.

ICSE-451 Research and Thesis, 3 cr.

Supervision and advisement in evolving thesis problems and in writing
the thesis. Prereq.: master’s degree candidacy in inner city studies.

ICSE-452 Field Internship, 3 cr.

An opportunity to work with disadvantaged children in varied social
agencies that serve these youngsters in their communities; the student to function as participant-observer
by assuming an active work role in the various programs offered by the agencies, thereby allowing close,
intimate contact with the children and their parents; agency staff supervision, as well as regular
attendance at staff conferences, to enable the student to gain working insight and understanding of the
philosophy of the agency program; to be taken concurrently with ICSE-453.

ICSE-453 Seminar in Field Internship, 3 cr.

A companion course to field internship; formulation of
operational principles of understanding and working through various problems that arise in the student’sinteraction with disadvantaged youngsters in the field; clarification of the student’s attitudes and feelings as determinants in the relationships and learning processes; to be taken concurrently with ICSE-452.

ICSE-454 Masters Project Research, 3 cr.

Supervision and advisement in evolving a research project and in
writing research results.