Week 1
Cooperating Teacher welcomes, orients, and socializes the Student Teacher to school/classes; provides student teacher with professional resources and professional work space; student teacher observes, engages in orientation activities, and begins to work with students in a professional capacity while developing awareness and understanding of the classroom and school context.  The Cooperating Teacher and Student Teacher discuss goals/units/course of study.  The Student Teacher begins lesson planning for Week 2/3 guided by the Cooperating Teacher using lesson plan templates/structures designated by the University.
Throughout the experience
The Student Teacher and Cooperating Teacher dialog daily to evaluate progress and reflect on the results of the planning and instruction whether delivered by the Cooperating Teacher or the Student Teacher.  The Cooperating Teacher approves all lesson plans in advance and supports the student teacher’s efforts at planning providing guidance, suggestions, and ideas for shaping lessons to meet the needs of the learners in the classroom in ways the Student Teacher may not have considered.  The Cooperating Teacher directs and observes activities of the Student Teacher with regard to content and methodology, giving the Student Teacher opportunities to pose suggestions and ideas more frequently than “directing”.  The Cooperating Teacher and Student Teacher conference regularly with Cooperating Teacher providing feedback, stimulating, and participating in reflection with the student teacher to explore instruction and its impact on student learning.  Student Teacher develops written lesson plans in advance for each day/lesson taught.  Full (long-form) lesson plans are developed for each lesson observed by the University Supervisor.
Weeks 2-3
The Student Teacher begins teaching one subject/class period.
Weeks 4-6
Add one subject/class period per week; develop and submit written plans prior to the start of the week for review and consent of Cooperating Teacher; modify as needed; Cooperating Teacher helps Student Teacher reflect upon instructional strategies used and include others.
Weeks 7-8
A written Mid-Term summative evaluation form is completed by the Cooperating Teacher, discussed with Student Teacher, signed by all, and submitted to University Supervisor.
Weeks 9-12
Full day teaching of all subjects/class periods; guided by Cooperating Teacher.
Weeks 13-15
Student Teacher gradually returns responsibility for subjects/classes to the Cooperating Teacher (typically one class at a time).
Weeks 15-16
A written summative Final Evaluation form is completed by the Cooperating Teacher, discussed with Student Teacher, signed by all, and submitted to University Supervisor.