The degree of teaching responsibility assigned to the student teacher is based on the principle of gradual induction.  The student teacher's work should progress from observation and assistance to small group instruction to instruction of the entire class as the lead or primary teacher.

All student teachers complete clinical experiences prior to student teaching and, therefore, should be ready to assume responsibilities in the classroom at the start of their student teaching fieldwork experience.  However, it is suggested that the cooperating teacher and student teacher cooperatively develop a teaching schedule that best suits the student teacher's abilities and the needs of the students.

The pace at which classroom responsibilities are assumed is continually re-examined in relation to the student teacher's demonstrated abilities.  The assumption of classroom responsibilities should be gradual enough so that the student teacher has time to adjust to added responsibilities, yet rapid enough so that the student faces continuing challenges.

Please note that each student teaching experience is unique to the school and the student teacher.  The timelines below are suggested guidelines and may not meet the needs of all student teachers or schools.  Cooperating teachers may utilize this plan or develop a time of their own in conjunction with the university supervisor.