Evaluation is an ongoing process throughout the student teaching semester.  Evaluation data is gathered from a variety of sources including: 1) observation of the student teacher, 2) lesson plans, and 3) teaching performance, 4) conference sessions, 5) and self-evaluation.

Evaluation procedures include a minimum of five one hour student teaching observations made by the university supervisor with a post-conference involving the student teacher, the cooperating teacher, and the university supervisor.  The observation visit should be scheduled at a time convenient to both the cooperating teacher and student teaching supervisor. 

During the student teaching semester, two evaluation conferences (midterm and final) also are conducted with the student teacher, university supervisor, and cooperating teacher in attendance.  These conferences should include the analysis of performance of the student teacher, and culminate in the completion of the evaluation form that is then forwarded to the Office of Clinical Experiences and Student Teaching. 

A grade of “A” or “B” must be earned in the student teaching course to be entitled to receive an Illinois Teaching Certificate.