Pre-student teaching clinical experiences are scheduled at dates and times mutually agreed upon between the NEIU clinical student and the cooperating teacher(s) and/or school administration.  Pre-student teaching clinical experiences must be conducted while school is in session and students are present.  Candidates must plan to be at their clinical placement site in no less than three hour increments on one or more consistent days throughout the semester. 

Pre-student teaching clinicals may not be completed sporadically or clustered into a two or three week period.

Clinical candidates must plan other coursework, work, personal, and family obligations in a way that allows sufficient time to travel to and from the placement site, fulfill clinical expectations at the placement site, and complete any associated requirements such as research, lesson planning, and other work required outside of the placement site.  Candidates who work full-time will need to make arrangements with their employer to be absent from work for a period of time.

By the end of the second week of the semester, clinical candidates must provide a written clinical hour completion schedule approved by their cooperating teacher(s) to their clinical seminar instructor/supervisor.