• Africa Rising
  • A Merchant Abroad: Legal Strategies for Doing Business in the United States
  • A Strategic Overview of China: Legal, Social, Political and Technology Issues in Contemporary China
  • Accessing EuropeanUnion Markets in Key Industry Sectors
  • An Economical View of Latin America: Past, Present and Future
  • Asian Development Bank Business
  • Asian FDI In Poland: Trends and Perspectives
  • Australia In the Global Economy
  • A Wikinomics-Based Company: Case Study of the Office of Wikia, Inc. in Poznan, Poland


  • Before Trade in Latin America
  • Brazil: New Market Development by a Chicago Based Small/Medium Enterprise
  • Business Attractiveness of Postindustrial Areas on the Example of the Czestochowa City
  • Business Opportunities in a Growing Chinese Economy: A 25 Year Perspective


  • Challenges and Complexities of Doing Business in Latin America
  • China’s Entry into the World Trade Organization
  • Commerce between the US and Latin America: Goods, Services, and People
  • Corporate Governance in Japan: Differences with the U.S. Model
  • Countries With Potential: Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Management in Latin America
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Cross-National & Cross-Cultural Product Issues and Strategies: Tools to Create and Evaluate Customer Value
  • Cultural Contexts and Management Expectations


  • Designing Human Work Systems in Latin America
  • Doing Business in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Doing Business in Africa: Institutions and Strategic Choices
  • Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa: Networking Relationships in Ghana
  • Digital Communication in a Globalized World: More Than Just Office
  • Doing China Business
  • Dynamics of the Indian Media Landscape


  • East-Central Europe: Opportunities & Challenges for U.S. Business
  • Eastern European Export and Its Promotion
  • Economic, Cultural, and Social Environment  for Business in South Asia
  • Effective Business Intercultural Communication in Latin America
  • Emerging India – Prospects for the 21st Century
  • Emerging Latin America: From Subordination to Self-Affirmation
  • Enhancing US Competitiveness in Africa: Opportunties and Challenges in Kenya and Ethiopia
  • Entering the East Asian Market: Strategies for Facility Location
  • Ethical Issues in International Business
  • European Union Economics in The Flat World
  • Expanding Sales and Market Share in Africa: Tips for Success and Risk Containment


  • Fast Growing Business Opportunities in the Context of Globalization
  • Financial Sector Reforms in India and the State of the Indian Economy
  • From the Boonies to the Boardroom - Opportunities in a Changing Australian Market
  • From Laggard to Model: A Case study of a U.S. Capital Goods Manufacturing Plant in Brazil


  • Global Forecast and Focus: Business Strategies for Illinois
  • Globalization and Multiculturalism: the Need for Bilingual Professionals in Business
  • Globalizing Your Peripheral Vision: Matching the Business Case with In-Market Laws, Customs and Realities
  • Growth Markets in Latin America – Myth or Reality


  • High Value Food Trade and The African Continent
  • How is Chinese Cost Innovation Disrupting Global Competition?


  • Identifying Areas of Risk and Mitigation Strategies in Offshore Outsourcing Projects
  • Innovation in Latin America
  • Innovative Capacity of the European Union Member States
  • IRI in India: Establishing a Global Operations Center in Bangalore


  • Japan's Perspective of East Asian Economic Integration


  • Local Resources, Global Capital in the Pacific Islands
  • Logistics in the European Central Independent States


  • Make the Business in Russia: Nissan Spare Parts Network Project
  • Management, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building: A View from Below
  • Manufacturing in Africa: Promise and Pitfalls
  • Manufacturing Trends in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid: The Case of Nepal and Bhutan
  • Mexico & Latin American Markets: Opportunities & Concerns for U.S. Markets
  • Mexico, NAFTA, and International Trade & Investment
  • Mexico: NAFTA Scorecard
  • Monetary and Fiscal Requirements of the New EU Member States.


  • Opportunities in Chinese Media Industry after the World Trade Organization Entry
  • Outbound Chinese FDI: The Changing Dynamic of Chinese Investment  in the International Marketplace
  • Outsourcing to India


  • Pacific Island Entrepreneurs, Large and Small: Successes and Failures
  • Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific Islands Region: The Business Environment
  • Perspective on Food Manufacturing in Latin America
  • Political Developments in Mexico: Recent Changes


  • Railroad Privatization in New Zealand
  • Reaching Global Markets via Serbia: Business Strategies for the Balkans
  • Reform and Prospect of the Korean Economy


  • Significance of Chinese Investment in Africa
  • Strategic Alliance Partners in China: Why U.S. SMEs Are Successful
  • Supply Chains in Latin America


  • Technology Transfer
  • The Balkans in 10 years: Fulfilling Its Potential  
  • The Basics of Trade Finance and Government Programs to Finance and Mitigate Risks
  • The Challenges of Channel Development in China and Japan: Perspectives for Medium-Sized Companies
  • The Changing Marketing Landscape: Successfully Marketing to Latin America
  • The Continental Divide: A Precautionary Tale
  • The E.U. and the U.S.
  • The European Union, East- Central Europe, and Russia: Twenty Years After Economic Transition
  • The European Union in East-Central Europe:  Perspectives of Current and Prospective Members
  • The European Union, The World Trade Organization, and Transatlantic Interaction
  • The Interaction of the Chinese and US Capital Markets
  • The Impacts of the East Asian Financial Crisis
  • The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century
  • The Japan-Midwest Partnership: A Brief Overview
  • The Logistics of Doing Business in Africa
  • The Political, Economical and Trade Issues facing Latin America and the United States
  • The Political, Social and Financial Context for Business in Brazil
  • The Process of Reducing Artificial Trade Barriers in the E.U.
  • The Public Policy of Trade from a Grassroots Perspective
  • Tobacco Taxation in the EU: A Look at How the New Must Catch up with the Old
  • To Euro or Not to Euro: The Effect of the Common Currency in Old Europe and New Europe
  • Trade and Investment in Pakistan
  • Trade and Investment Opportunities with Australia


  • Unique Elements of Doing Business in East Asia
  • US And Latin America Trade Relations: Government Role
  • US Commercial Service: Your Global Business Partner
  • US Trade Remedies and Responses to Asian Imports
  • Using Free Trade Agreements: Practical Advantages & Potential Traps


  • Will the European Dream Replace the American Dream in a Global World: The Business Case
  • Women's Work in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Attributes vs Attitudes


  • Yellowtail’s Export Strategy