Through participation in core and elective Global Studies courses, students develop both broad and deep knowledge of the forces, products, and patterns of globalization. Program participation provides students with practical skills in research design and methods from across the liberal arts, which they have the opportunity to hone through the research projects they complete as a part of coursework and especially in their capstone projects. Global Studies coursework and research activities additionally train students to be effective writers and speakers, as they are encouraged to present the products of their scholarly activities in well-executed and intellectually significant papers and presentations. Global Studies students stretch their perspectives by engaging with people, places, communities, and cultural phenomena in Chicago and elsewhere, bringing what they learn in their coursework into the broader world and vice versa and setting a course for lifelong learning. Through foreign language training, hands-on research, travel, and internship opportunities students develop a relevant skillset that provides the bedrock for continued learning and fruitful careers in the world beyond campus.


Major (11 courses; 34 credits):

Core Courses (2 semester sequence):

Global Studies 201: Introduction to Global Studies I

Global Studies 202: Introduction to Global Studies II

6 Global Studies electives: minimum of 3 courses in one track and minimum of 1 course in each of two other tracks

2 semester sequence in foreign language (any two-course sequence in a foreign language) Global Studies 399: Capstone Seminar in Global Studies (4 credit hours)

Minor (6 courses; 18 credits):

Global Studies 201 and Global Studies 202

4 Global Studies electives (any tracks)

Study Abroad program participation may serve as 1 elective toward a major or minor.